By Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

The work is about looking for ways to broaden the visual language of computer-based design as well as new methods of production. It is an attempt to bridge between a visual language that originates from nature and a new visual style that is derived from the current digital and technological developments: Do our technological choices dictate our forms, or vice-versa? How can we enrich the visual language of computer-based design? How can we stretch the boundaries of various technologies?
Scan & Scale is in fact a journey of a pebble through contemporary technologies: We started with a 3d scan of a pebble and put it through a design process which examined issues of scale and function. Straight from the digital file, a model was manufactured in CNC technology. We stopped the CNC process shortly before it was done in order to keep the imperfections as evidence of the method of production and to suggest a new kind of ornamentation - one that reflects the technology it was made with.
Then, a plaster mould was made from the model, in which the final objects were cast in clay.
It is possible to say that a process which started from an earthy object was completed by a designed object made from earthy material. Along its way, it met a variety of modern technologies only to arrive to a destination very close to the one it originated from.

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