By Michal Cederbaum

Premiered in Lausanne on January 2009, Orlando is a theatre performance directed by Amit Drori, following Virginia Woolf’s Orlando.

This projections series was a great opportunity to play around with some old ideas on shuffling various media. It was clear that the media used for the 2D images for Orlando is a key issue; expressiveness, clumsiness, richness of colours and freedom of composition - all had to be at hand.
We developed a process in which materials and media are being used and reused again. Nature was photographed, printed, cut with scissors and composed as nature again. The new nature is then photographed once more, using a glass-layered desk, to be finally projected on stage.

A co-production of the Vidy Lausanne Theatre (CH) and the Herzlia Ensemble Theatre (IL).

Stage Adaptation and Directing: Amit Drori
Visual Concept: Noam Dover and Amit Drori
Acting: Sylwia Trzesniowska Drori
Stage and Object Design: Noam Dover
Projected images: Michal Sara Cederbaum
Light and Projections: Jackie Shemesh
Music and Sound Design: Yayehe S. Mehari