Our first solo exhibition, together with Yoav Reches.

The exhibition ‘Interwoven Objects: Experiments in being a designer’ is a collection of objects which reflect the present moment in our creative development.
After ten years of working together in various forms of collaboration, this event became an opportunity to meet again for an creative dialogue. The works were planned and constructed throughout a joint and extensive collaborative process over the past months, guided by the perception that a mutual discussion provides a rich and fertile framework for multidisciplinary creation.

The exhibition can be looked at as a part of a wide, yet personal, discussion about design, where the basics of the practice are being questioned: What is the meaning of being a designer, and what is our place - as individual and independent makers - in the field of design. Following this, more questions arise: What is the process through which shapes and forms come about? What cultural baggage do materials hold? What is the value of actually “making” in today’s practice of design?

The current body of work exhibited here hopes to addresses these questions, and no less important - celebrates a diversity of views, forms, colours, materials and techniques.