'Forbidden Lakes' is a small collection of 12 one-off plates. These are second hand porcelain plates which we find on ebay and flee markets, all white with gold decorations. Once the plates arrived to the studio they were partially sandblasted according to a chosen image. The original glaze was removed in the sandblasted area. As opposed to our former collections of sandblasted plates, this time we re-glazed the sandblasted image.
In terms of concept, or narrative, it is about an ongoing habit of ours; we occasionally go on trips to places which we are not allowed to - on google earth. It might sound funny but for us this is kind of practicing "freeness" in-spite the constrains of the geopolitical reality. It is a form of traveling made possible by digital technology, enabling us to see the reality which we are forbidden to witness. When doing it there's a feeling of subverting the powerful political structures and a true sense of adventure and freedom.
This collection is focused around images of lakes; water being the primary element that enables life.

*All sold, more items will be available soon*


19 greek street and Marina Castagna
: 19 greek street and Marina Castagna