A solo exhibition in Design/Miami
In collaboration with 'Design Space'

'containers' is centered around our growing fascination with vessels and containers as part of our on-going research concerning the cultural aspects of designed objects.
Along the history of human civilization, pots, pans, vases, bottles and bowls were made and used in a specific context: materials have always been related to a local environment and climate; production techniques were (and still are, to some extent) closely linked to folk wisdom, family traditions and industrial developments; methods of use are associated with social structures and beliefs. Thus, the Korean moon bowls are a particular cultural phenomena, as well as the evolution of the China porcelain , the wooden Sami bowls from Scandinavia, the vast tradition of Canaanite pottery and so on. Further more, vessels have always been part of commercial activity, acting as cultural ambassadors and transferring knowledge between civilizations.
Vessels contain, reflect and reveal aspects of culture. They can be regarded as a manifestation of the link between nature, human needs and the civilized act of “making”.

The exhibition included three works in collaborations with Amit Drori (theatre director and designer), Yoav Reches (designer), Tom Tlalim (artist and musician) and Jerome Vernez (video artist).