By Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

Urban Installation design in Jerusalem, competition, 1st prize.

The point of departure for this work was the spot where it is planned to be built, a highly unique location in Jerusalem. On one side the historical town hall with its distinct architectural qualities, on the other the place where the view opens towards the old city; the ancient walls, tower of David and Hagia Maria church and abbey.
This axis of observation holds a prominent perspective, which is made present and underlined by the shape of the installation; the installation is merely a slice of that perspective on the ground of Zahal square, framing the historical town hall on the one hand, and unfolding the old city landscape on the other.
The choice of Cedarwood as the construction material hopes to provide a lightness to the installation and stands in contrast to the mass of historical stone around. The slits in the walls open up the view to specific details in the surroundings, as well as create a dynamic performance of light and shade on the square’s flooring.